Winters- The grey skies; The romantic thrill and The timeless blues


By Citizen Journalist Amaya   winters It is now mid November and all the autumn depression has fallen off and dusted away by now. The skies are less clear but more pleasant these days with the wandering clouds shading the wide canvas, gray, every now and then. And today, on one of such days, the Sun, being lazy, took a nap and preferred to hide than blazing out. It is chilly enough to bring the thrill, the day is gloomy enough for some as well, to make some of us wish to just sit back and switch on to the cozy coffee zoned book reading mode. Yes it is breezy and chilly, and also is overcast, cloudy and rainy, familiar to the fall-blues for some of us, who expected to wake up with the early morning sunshine cloaking their dark rooms.

While some of us feel invigorated enough to step out and ride somewhere up hills with our bikes, some would just want things slow and stagnant, wrapped in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Under this ash-grey sky, I belong to the creed which would rather find reasons to feel sad today, with the spirits still sound asleep. The cheer evaporating and disappearing moment by moment, with the bare barren intending to shrink the zeal, even more deep. And it is not going to get any better with the temperature dropping down, paving way for an even colder shower.

With the cloudy day rolling in, it automatically becomes difficult to give your morning a kick start.   Some of us would have settled down with a movie list and a laptop and others must have jump started their day today making plans with their girl gangs for the latest movie. There would also be some who would have chosen to watch the day through their camera lens, scrounging for the picture-perfect views.

Well, however the gray skies affect you, drained or gushed, the way-out, either way should be the best doorway to shake those winter blues. You can always chose to be joyful and great, these impermanent blues are treatable; if only YOU decide to shoo them away. Listen to your mood and take your personal remedial getaway and you will soon find your spirits lifting up. There is much to do in the sunshine and even more when it’s pouring outside. Occupy yourself in the things you would love to do, inside or outside, and you would soon land up in spring. “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer,” Albert Camus was right when he said this.

You don’t need the light therapy, you just need the fun therapy. So go ahead !Seal those blues, shift your attention and go get enough of the day, it might not be as blissful tomorrow!

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