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With BJP high command handling the baton to Mehbooba, Jammu worried over secondary role of state BJP

The issue of government formation in BJP was once again handled by the party high command, and it was the central leadership, which ultimately decided to renew the relationship with the PDP that was delayed by close to 3 months. With none of the state BJP leaders having adequate political weight and say in the matter the party leaders in Delhi thought it wise to deal with and finally offer the leadership to the wily Mehbooba, who does not have any match in the saffron party. Although Mehbooba’s reading of the political equation was a bit wide of the mark but still all is well for her party that ends well.

PDP has managed to yet again form the government with the support of the BJP. BJP’s decision to nominate Dr Nirmal Singh as the Deputy CM candidate was again a timely decision as there were reports that senior leaders within the party were jostling for this post. In fact sources said that party high command gave them the feedback only during the recent visit of party general secretary Ram Madhav to Jammu.

The formation of coalition has once again raised questions in the mind of people whether this government is going to deliver development in Ladakh and Jammu or it will remain Kashmir centric. The previous regime under Mufti failed in giving succor to the two region, and it is expected that the government under Mehbooba is likely to have even greater bent towards Kashmir because she has shown streaks of strong regionalism in her political career. Also it is an important fact that PDP has direction access to BJP high command in Delhi, and it gives little weight to the party leadership and its vote base in Jammu.

The BJP central leadership is also at fault for giving little value to the state party leadership, which as such is treated very lightly by the Kashmir centric party. It is quite clear that despite losing the plot Mehbooba could once again pilot the ship with responsibility for Jammu and Ladakh.