With Love from Pakistan: Jab ‘they’ met after 60 years

As India has celebrated Raksha Bhandhan, here is an extraordinary story of Brother- Sister Love that transcends the borders of India and Pakistan. India and Pakistan are soon going to celebrate 70 years of independence and the 1947 India-Pakistan partition had broken many relations overnight. This heartwarming story of a Brother- Sister separation during the partition is sure going to enlighten us on keeping our love alive.

In the pre-independent India Brother -Sister Mohan Singh and Jaswant Kour were living happily .They shared good times in childhood but then, the hard times arrived in 1947. During the time of partition these Brother- Sister also got separated. Both lost hopes that they will ever meet and whether the one is alive or not. But after 60 years they met again.

Every year Jaswant kour who is known as Lal Bibi in Pakistan sends Rakhee to her brother Mohan Singh in India. 12 year old Jaswant kour was left in Pakistan when his brother came to India during the period of partition. She had no information about her brother until her son a District Magistrate in Pakistan used his networks to locate Jaswant kour’s long lost brother. Jawant kour who is now in Pakistan visited India 10 year back and was shocked to see the love of people in India and was overwhelmed with the love she received.

“I met her after 60 years I was very happy, deep inside I knew she is alive and I wish her good health. I miss her in every festival and wish if she would be with me” said Mohan Singh Jaswant kour brother.

“Buaji’s one son is Magistrate in Pakistan so she told him that I had a brother and I wanted to meet him. So in their office there was a Kazi of Rajouri so he took the details from Buaji and started searching for us here in India. He used to ask every Sikh family if they knew us but then he went back to Pakistan but Kazi son was here we contacted him and gave our phone number. Then we received a call after 15-20 days from Pakistan. My father talked to his sister after 60 years and they recognized each other first few minutes they were silent and crying, it was a very emotional scene. Then we invited them here in India so she got visa and came here in Poonch. She lived with us and it was like celebration in our home. She met all the relatives and was very happy .Now she calls us after 1-2 months and asks about everything. We should all live with harmony because people living there is Pakistan are also like our brothers and sisters” said Amarjeet son of Mohan Singh.

Some bonds which are made by God are unbreakable. This story is an example of love between the two nations. India and Pakistan are fighting every day on some issues but somewhere love lies between the two. If we talk to the people of both the nations they want peace and want the issues should be resolved so that every sister, every mother and every child will sleep peacefully. Every day we see that hundreds of Army personal of both the nations are sacrificing their life and in the end their families suffer so if we will forget the hatred feelings and will go towards peace the love will happen again.