With Pakistan not stopping it’s antics on border, India must meet the challenge aggressively


border2_2_1The Pakistan army is not stopping it’s sinister game of shelling, and firing across the border in Jammu and Kashmir, and it is leading to more tension which our neighbor wants to perpetuate forever. The main agenda of Pakistan army is to push ultras to this side of border so they can cause mayhem in the state. It also wants to up the ante of violence in the state which witnessed large scale voting during the elections, and people embraced democracy like never before. The failure of the separatist factions to ensure the boycott of polls this time also shocked the army – ISI establishment which is running the show from behind the scenes.

After failing to intervene during the elections, the separatists, and Pak aligned forces in Kashmir also tried their best to prevent an alliance between the PDP, and BJP much to the chagrin of their masters across the border. Looking for newer issues to keep the pot boiling, the Pak government has now raised the issue of rehabilitation of the Kashmiri Pandit refugees, and all this is done simply to add fuel to the fire, and keep the tension in valley simmering.

The aggressive border policy adopted by the BJP government which has made it clear that retaliation will be firm, and painful in case of transgressions by our neighbor has also not gone down well with Pak army. Although the government made it clear that it would not fire the first shot but also maintained that any challenge on the border would be met with effective retaliation. The government has also said that it will upgrade the paramilitary and border forces, and modernize the weaponry to ensure that our jawans are not handicapped for want of resources. To prepare our forces is important because both Pakistan, and China are bent upon testing India on the borders as they push for dominance together in south and south east Asia in the latter’s case. The government is also mulling over joint functioning of the army, and the BSF on the border to check Pakistani aggression, and to counter the tactics of it’s armed forces, and intelligence agency looking to spread it’s tentacles in Jammu and Kashmir.

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