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Woman delivers baby at PNB branch while waiting in queue to withdraw cash

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A woman delivered a healthy baby girl inside a bank in Uttar Pradesh while she was waiting in a queue to withdraw cash on Friday, a media report said today.

Women present in the queue helped Sarvesha, 30, deliver the baby after an ambulance failed to reach the Punjab National Bank’s Jhinjhak branch in Kanpur, reported Hindustan Times.

The woman and her baby was driven to a hospital in a police van later.
The woman was waiting at the bank to withdraw cash for the second time in two days, said the report.
“After failing to withdraw money on Thursday, she visited the bank again on Friday and went into labour around 4pm while waiting in a queue since morning.”

“She is weak but the baby is healthy,” the woman’s mother-in-law Shashi said. “I was afraid that I may lose Sarvesha but she delivered a beautiful baby and is recuperating”.

The move to scrap old Rs 500/1000 notes has created chaos, with people queueing up outside banks and ATMs across the country to withdraw cash.

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