Woman found dead on Railway track; family alleges murder by husband

JAMMU: A woman namely Asha Devi R/o Nand village was found dead on Railway track near Jakh, Vijaypur, Jammu.

Asha Rani R/o Nand falling under jurisdiction on Satwari police station, got married on Feb 2014. Asha belonged to a lower middle class family and her parents tried their best to meet every demand posed by Asha’s in laws. Slowly, their demands started escalating following non-fulfilnent of which they started torturing the 23 year old girl. Later, she was thrown out of her house around dec 2015, when she was one month pregnant.

In july 2015, Asha gave birth to twins.

Nobody from her in-laws family even visited to see the newlyborns. She stayed at her paternal home, but her in-laws sought all means to torture her and her family in one way or the other.
Fed up of which, the family seeked the help of Vijaypur MLA, almost 8 days ago on 17th december 2016. MLA asked Asha’s family to send her to her in-laws and assured them her well-being.
Now, the police has assured that the culprits will nabbed but no case against the husbsnd or family had been registered. The family members say that they are being fooled by the administration as no arrest can take place without registering the case.
The family is alleging that Asha has been murdered by her in-laws and thus demand a thorough probe in the case.
She was married in Baguna village, of Vijaypur tehsil, Jammu.

3 thoughts on “Woman found dead on Railway track; family alleges murder by husband

  • December 25, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    How could you write that in – laws were demanding and they thrown girl out of their house , do you have any kind oevidence with you . In your whole column it is nowhere mentioned as per the claim of her parents , you yourself claiming this ,let the court decide . Moreover I’m not disagree with your allegation but you are running a online media and should not write or publish things for which you don’t possess any evidence ,I hope my suggestion would be taken in a positive way

    • December 26, 2016 at 10:57 am

      We have family’s audio recording with her.


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