Woman stabbed, thrown out of balcony by brother-in-law for spurning his sexual relationship demand

New Delhi : A 30-year-old woman was repeatedly stabbed, allegedly by her brother-in-law, before being pushed out of the window of her second floor home in north Delhi’s Bharat Nagar on Sunday. The woman, however, escaped death after neighbours cushioned her fall.

She was attacked because she had earlier thwarted his alleged attempts to establish sexual relations with her and had even reported his behaviour to her husband, said Milind Dumbere, DCP (north-west).

The woman lives in Bharat Nagar with her husband who drives her cab. Her brother-in-law, a factory worker, lives in the same neighbourhood.

While the woman’s husband would be away at work, his brother would allegedly visit her home and try to get close to her. She had been warning him to keep away.

“When he tried the same misadventure early last week, I threatened to call my husband and inform him. When he did not stop, I actually called my husband and put the phone on loudspeaker,” the woman alleged.

The man was forced to leave the house at that time, but he was left enraged. “When the woman’s husband returned home, he confronted his brother and even slapped him twice,” said the DCP.

Since then, the man had been waiting to take revenge. On Sunday afternoon, the man again visited his sister-in-law’s home and allegedly tried to molest her.

When she resisted, he allegedly began punching her from behind before grabbing a knife and attacking her. Not satisfied, he allegedly pushed her out of the room window.

The woman, however, held on to a cooler fixed to another window nearby and screamed for help. As some residents of the building gathered below on hearing her cries, her brother-in-law allegedly continued to attack her with a knife.

But by the time the woman actually had a free fall, the residents had done enough to cushion her fall. But she had to be rushed to a hospital for treatment of the seven stab wounds she had received. She is now out of danger.

Her brother-in-law, meanwhile, was caught by the public when he tried to escape from the house. He was handed over to the police and sent to jail.