Woman threatens to HANG TODDLER after husband didn’t take her calls, Watch Video


No matter how old we get, we have always been told that our mother is the one person who will stand beside us, no matter what. The love of a mother for her child is unparalleled across cultures, regions and is seen even among animals. Then what is it that prompted a Thai mother recently to hang her little child by a rope? As shocking and unbelievable as that sounds, a video of a mother talking to the camera as she hangs her one-year-old kid by a rope is going viral. Her reason? She was infuriated that her husband was not picking her calls and decided to make the video and send him this, reports The Sun.

The incident took place in Bangkok, Thailand. Nareumon Jampasert recorded herself picking her son Theeradej Saisupan up and then using a black rope to tie around his neck and hang him, leading the throttled child to let out a painful and disturbing cry. She sent this to her husband Jakrit Saisupan, 32, so as to threaten him. He, on his part, shared the video with his sister and mother, who took to the Internet in a bid to get help and rescue the child.


According to the report, officials arrested Nareumon after they rushed to rescue the toddler. The graphic video shows the mother swinging the little boy in the air after hanging him with the rope, while he shrieks in pain. She then throws him on to a bed, while continuing to rant to the camera (her husband). “You see, Joe. You care about people a lot. This is your son. This is a rope,” she says in the video. She goes on to say that “I did not kill it yet. It’s not dead,” but will “take it to die somewhere”.


“If you don’t come back to take him you have to wait to see what happens today. You don’t answer my phone, yeah,” are her last lines from the video.

However, Jampasert, in a press conference the next day, broke down saying that she was hurting herself. She was disappointed because her online sales weren’t picking up and she feared her husband was cheating on her. Saisupan said he did not want to take this matter ahead and reportedly called it a ‘family disagreement’

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