Woman tries to bomb ex-lover

A 35-year-old woman tried to kill her ex-lover by planting three bombs in his house at Faridabad on Wednesday.

The accused who has been identified as Aarti along with her another ex-lover , Pardeep, put together three bombs using gunpowder, glass and nail stones and placed them inside the house of Rakesh. A bomb squad was called and all the bombs were diffused.

In her statement, Aarti told police that she had met Rakesh in 2010 and after being with her for 6 years, he decided to leave her and go back to his wife and children.

It is not for the first time that Aarti and Pardeep have been accused of a crime. Apparently, the couple had murdered one of Rakesh’s relatives as well.

“The actual plan was to throw these three bombs through a window since the bombs were made in grenade like way. But with the help of bomb squad we were able to diffuse the bombs and prevented second murder from happening,” said Faridabad police.


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