“Justice for exploited, effort on to reach every harassed woman”

We register every case that comes to the Commission but after proper listening, recording witnesses and thorough investigation, we ascertain their validity. Yes, some women do try to exploit the Commission only to harass men but we do not let it happen.


Do you consider extending help in cases of women exploitation that appear in newspapers?


We have already been doing that.


What are you doing to clear pending cases?


We did start drive to clear backlog last year and this year. We succeeded in clearing it. I do not let cases registered to be kept pending and take action the moment case is registered.


You have recently authored a best seller fiction “Lost in Terror” which has been published by a reputed publishing house Penguin. Please tell us something about it.


The book which is about the political turmoil of early nineties in Kashmir depicts how women of the valley were caught up in this quagmire. Kashmiri woman was at the brunt of all, losing son, husband or brother in this violence yet her pain and agony was neither identified nor shared by anyone. She was silently going through hell due to which she started to lose social fabric also.  This is first book on conflict from woman’s perspective and all stories related in it are based on true events. Hopefully, the book has been received well n many readers are realizing the pain Kashmiri women are going through.


What is your message to the women of Jammu and Kashmir on this International Women’s Day?


I am proud to say that women anywhere in the world are brave enough to look after themselves but I want to tell women of every religion, caste or creed, to come forward against the injustice or inhuman treatment. Do not let anybody to exploit you or harass you. Take stand and fight for your dignity and respec

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