World Class Jammu Tawi railway station, Still a dream for Jammuites!

By: Neeraj Sharma

Jammu Tawi Railway Station which is one of the busiest railway station of Northern Railways catering thousands of passengers daily is still waiting to be developed into a world class railway station with international level Facilities.

The announcement to make Jammu Tawi Railway Station was made in the Rail Budget by then Union Railway Minister, Mamta Banerjee during the year 2009.

But contrary to this, there is a disorderly system at the railway station at Jammu where the passengers are not getting even the basic facilities like the proper sitting facility for the passengers, proper drinking water facility, proper cleanliness etc due to which the passengers had a difficult time at the railway station.

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Every day, thousands of passengers visit to the state by using the mode of railway transport in different trains coming from the different parts of the country heaps of garbage outside the premises of the railway station giving foul smell welcomed the passengers.

Due to the proper sitting facilities, the passengers are left with no other option to sit on the floors of the platforms of the railway station or even outside the premises of the railway station waiting for their trains.

Due to the absence of the escalators for crossing the platforms to catch their trains and they have a lot of problems to catch the trains and the old passengers especially had a lot of problems.

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