World Photography Day special from u4uvoice.

Art can be in any form right there from making doodles to caricatures or carvibg stones to make structures or sculpting . Everything is related to art in one way or the other.

Art can be abstract or real. Today on the occasion of world photography day. The person is busy selling photo posters to earn bread for him.

This chap Sunny Gupta disabled from the age of 4 after an injection reacted.

He is connected to the art and art lies in his blood. To him religion doesnt matter, posters from every religion can be found hanging at his tarpal covered roadside Shack.

Ranging from the local deities to the educational chart to the maps showing location, guiding wanderlusts coming from other places roaming around in the city of temples.

The person further added that the government is not paying any heed to the word of the disables, they do not care about their life, the survival.

The lad maintained that the government is paying them 500 bucks which is not enough for them to sort out their livelihood.

They have to work in the extreme conditions right from the scorching heat days to the monsoon rains to the freezed days of december.

Moreover the commuters coming to the shops range from students to senior citizens to the art lovers.

When asked about religious harmony, he further added that like the situation is getting worst in valley, citizens must maintain peace and communal harmony for the benefit of the society.

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