‘I have not seen but I have felt the world, with sight of Heart if not Eyes’

Many of us are scared of darkness and many of us have been living with it since their birth. On World Sight day (WSD) -an annual day of awareness held on the second thursday of October I seek your attention towards visually impaired beings who have been living their lives victoriously conquering all realms of defeats and fears.

2014 is the first year of this Action Plan by WHo to encourage ‘Call to Action’ for World Sight Day. The day is an initiative to raise awareness of blindness and vision impairment,influence Ministers and Governments to involve themslves to designate funds for such programmes and to educate target audiences about blindness prevention. Over 285 million people worldwide are living with low vision and blindness, some living without cure because of neglection and some must be striving for a solution which is near to impossible to get their sight back.

Louis Braille Memorial Residential School for Sightless Girls-an NGO in Roop Nagar, Sector-1 perhaps is doing much to let them live a normal life. The organisation was initiated in 1995 with a motive to set a few lives on track funding their rents,meals and education offering them a life filled with provisions if not luxury. The organisation has nearly 21 girls of the age group of 10 to 22 years living under this shelter for blind girls. The manager of this NGO Jogindar Lal Gupta, President of the Organisation Rampal and general secretary Ramdas Dubey- apparently are making their lives better dealing with all the aids for the residents here. The residents have a provision of rooms,meals,education and all health facilities for free. Though the fund are provided by private organisations and the government lags in responding to their requirements and offering help. Many a times bills and other demands have been sent for compensating with any lack of facility but they have never heard any call in return. Other local level private organisations are contributing for funds and dealing with all requirements. To all these girls education is provided in the organisation itself till Primary level and they are well taught and engaged in numerous acivities and hobbies. The faculty itself has one blind member from the organisation with a staff of 8 people-the principle-Anju Sharma,three teachers,one warden,1 cook and 2 peons. Apart from them students from university and colleges spare a few hours to come and teach them on a regular basis. After Primary level the girls are sent to the nearby Government School for higher education and some have even reached University Level with triumph. Though the organisation is planning to set up more classes till standard 8th but that can only be made possible with enough funds. The organisation conducts numerous activities on important occassions like December 3rd,which is celebrated as the International Day of People with Disablity, world-wide. The residents are made to engage themselves in various cultural activities and performances that day. The organisation even conducts two or three local trips around the state for the children. The residents have been living here from years and being laid with the provision of all facilities and aids they are content and satisfied.

The Government though, should be concerned enough to donate regular funds to such organisations because their is no fixed amount and the organisation is only working on charitable basis. For the sake of humankind and generosity such issues must be made loud enough to spread their reach at a larger level. Those who know of more orgnaisations which can involve themselves with this home for visually impaired girls must put forth their appeal so as to add a little in the lot which would help their lives in a better manner.

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