Yasin Malik’s act of sabotage comes under strong criticism on social media


sabotage1There is strong resentment across the country over the alleged act of separatist leader Yasin Malik in which he snatched a boat from NDRF workers, and reportedly told them to stop relief as Kashmiris do not want want help from the Indian army. As per reports, JKLF chief Yasin Malik led a mob of miscreants, and confronted a group of relief workers who were taking ailing lady patients to the hospital. Yasin and his aides reportedly stopped the boat, and asked the patients to get off which was strongly protested by some local women in the vicinity. Undeterred by the protest, the group forced the relief workers to leave the area, and took the boat and relief material much to the chagrin of the the patients, and locals. The army patrol is said to have kept silent as it did not want the situation to turn ugly which could hamper the entire relief operation in Srinagar.

The act of Yasin Malik however has come strong criticism across the country, and even in Jammu and Kashmir where people have questioned the anti-social activities of the few miscreant and separatist groups which have indulged in such acts.

Alif, a concerned citizen on Social media said that Malik may have tried to hog the limelight but his reach is not behind Lal Chowk. The people want strong action against those who are hampering the relief effort, and even they are leaders likes Malik action is being demanded against them. Raghu Ram Rajamani writes on twitter I along with millions worked hard for you to make you @PMOIndia Pls deal Yasin Malik with iron fist. The act by Malik has in fact turned the mood sour across the nation, and people are now alleging that even BJP has been acting soft on those with separatist agenda. Ananthu on social media alleges that the self proclaimed Messiah Of JK did Nothing Wen People Weer Suffering due to the Mishap & Now Snatching the Relief Items! (Tweets). The security forces meanwhile are taking a wait and watch approach as right now officials say their priority is to concentrate on the relief efforts. Sources also tell that acts like these are also meant to instigate the security forces that an act like this could turn violent, and there is a law and order situation caused. Earlier, also army and air force jawans had restrained from taking action when their boats and choppers were                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 .

Syed Ahmed hits the nail on the head when he says that Yasin Malik was looking to steal media limelight, and there is no other reason he could do that. In fact people across the nation are echoing that media should also right now avoid such diversionary issues, and focus on good work, and relief operations being carried out by locals and the army.

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