You all are failures: Dr. Drabu’s reply to students seeking justice


Srinagar, March 19: Jammu and kashmir finance minister has raked yet another controvesry with his ruthless statements wherin he is terming youth as ‘failures’.

Youth already dejected by faulty selection procedure of JK bank visited Finance Minsiterseeking justice, but his reply filled the yputh wth anger. “Is this the healing touch PDP government keeps boasting of?”, said one of the aspirants. First they don’t revel the marks, names of candidates and this is their reply”, he added.

While bank is refreaining from speaking on this matter, it is alleged that maximum number of selections have been made from Dr. Drabu’s constituency itself. It is also pertinent to note here that only 170 students out of 1,250 have made the cut to selection list as banking associates from Jammu district, reveal sources.

The selection list released almost after 2 years from the day of examination, is being alleged to have been made arbitrarily. Moreover, out of thousands of students who appeared for the examination for the post of RE (Relationship Executive), only a trickle had been selected. The bank has also not released any waiting list. The candidates have expressed deep concerns and resentment towards the J&K Bank for alleged discrepancies and the policy of non-transparency that it maintains.

Amid rising controversies of alleged discrepancy in the selection process for the post of Relationship Executive (RE), a group of anguished candidates have went ahead and drafted a case and presented before the Legal Services Committee, J&K.

One of the candidates whose selection was arbitrarily reduced to the post of ‘Clerk’ said, “The candidates are disappointed and distressed. After 2 years of conduction of the examination, the declared results are dubious.” He added, “We are going to pursue this case as the candidates have been blatantly harassed by the manner in which the JK Bank has responded.” The J&K bank has sent caveat letters to the candidates warning them to not involve in the legal procedures prosecuting the bank for its discrepancies. The candidate added, “This shows the impact of the voice of the mass that J&K Bank is now resorting to placate candidates individually by sending caveat letters.” He said, “It’s difficult to identify one bank authority that can be held accountable for the malpractices as they maintain no transparency and fall out of the ambit of the RTI.”

Earlier also Dr. Drabu had made a rhetorical statement when veterinary doctors approched him for help. “If they can’t give jobs then why do they even have these courses, just to rake money from students?”. questioned a vet doc.

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