You can buy Deepika bomb, Aliya chakri at these places in Jammu


JAMMU: This diwali, the cracker making companies have come up with innovative ideas to make the cracker-boxes look more hep. The cracker bazaar makeover has taken the market by a storm and how!

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This year, names of crackers have been kept after leading B-town queens. So don’t be surprised if you fina a deepika chur-churi or an Aliya chakri at the cracker stalls. There is a hell lot of varities to choose from this Diwali. “”Cock brand crackers are in maximum demand as always”, said Kaka, a wholesale cracker-seller at Prem Nagar. Äpart from Cock, a new brand by the name of Vedival as come up this year. The quality is superb but due to it’s high cost, it is not being sold as much”., he added.

Another wholesale seller apprised that theis year people are not buying much crackers, as can be gauged from lesser turnout at these cracker stalls.


But if you are mad about Patakhas, we got you the list of areas from where you can buy crackers this Diwali:


JDA Parking, near Early Times office, in Jammu

JDA Parking adjacent Vishal Mega Mart, in Jammu

JDA Complex, near Fire Service office, Jammu

JDA Complex, near Sabzi Mandi, Muthi

Dussehra ground, Jammu

RTO Trial areas, Transport Nagar Jammu

JDA ground, Main Market, behind Trikuta Nagar

Jammu Nagar Nigam Land, Panjtirthi, near Radio station, Jammu

Parking area, near Yatri Niwas, Bhagwati Nagar, Jammu