Young Panthers demand cancellation of election of BJP MLA from Domana


Picture by Sandeep

Jammu Tawi: Vilakshan Singh State General Secretary of Young Panthers in a press conference held at the Central Office of the party and urged the Election Commission of India to declare the election of Sh. Bali Bhagat, who has been declared elected from Raipur -Domana Constituency, as null and void. While addressing the press conference Vilakshan Singh said that as per the law laid down by the Supreme Court of India, any person contesting assembly election has to file a duly sworn affidavit in the format (Form 2D) prescribed by the Election Commission of India. But the so called affidavit (copy of which is available on the website of the Election Commission) filed by the Sh. Bali Bhagat alongwith his nomination paper is not at all signed by him and as such said affidavit is no affidavit in the eyes of law thereby rendering his nomination papers liable to be rejected and his election liable to be declared as null and void. Vilakshan Singh also questioned the manner adopted by MLA Domana in getting his affidavit prepared. It’s surprising that although the affidavit filed by him before the Returning Officer is not at all signed by the deponent (Sh. Bali Bhagat) yet a person has identified the person (Sh. Bali Bhagat)signing it. Even the said unsigned affidavit has been attested by the Notary in utter violation of the provisions of law. The law is clear on the point that no unsigned affidavit can be attested by the Notary Public. The manner adopted by the MLA, Domana in getting his affidavit prepared shows how much respect the law makers have for the laws of the land. Singh said that how one can expect “sushashan” (good governance) from those who deliberately violate the law.


Vilakshan Singh said that such unsigned affidavit should not have been accepted by the Returning Officer but it appears that the Election Commission has been very soft towards the BJP candidates as is evident in the present case. Vilakshan Singh urged the election commission to keep the faith of people of Jammu in the Election Commission, the latter should immediately declare the election of Sh. Bali Bhagat as null and void.


Vilakshan Singh said that the election affidavits of other candidates of BJP and other parties are also being scrutinized by a committee of Young Panthers so as to bring about the illegalities in the said affidavits.  

Vilakshan Singh said that the Election officials had been very casual in entertaining the complaints against the BJP candidates is also evident from the fact he filed a complaint against the BJP candidate from Nagrota Constituency for distributing voter slips with the symbol of the party and the photos of leaders of the party printed thereon in violation of the Model Code of Conduct. But the District Election Officer forwarded the said complaint to the Returning Officer for Raipur Domana Constituency for necessary action.    


Vilakshan Singh further said that manner in which Election Officials have been soft towards the BJP candidates further makes it necessary that the elections in the state should be conducted with the EVMs having paper trail.


Others who were present in the press conference included Shri Shanker Singh Chib Provincial secretary JKNPP, Shri Rajesh Gondhi, District General Secretary Jammu Urban, Shri Vikas Kotwal etc


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