Your Reliance Jio Sim card can get blocked. Know why?

Reliance Jio can block the sim cards of the users whose verification process has not been yet completed.

At the time of registration for Reliance Jio, a lot of people had issued the SIM card in their name but handovered it to someone else.

A lot of people are there whose Jio SIM card is functioning but the bill is being generated in someone else’s name. Even the E-KYC verification hasn’t been done for various applicants of Jio SIM. The Reliance Jio officials have taken a decision to gradually block all the non-verified users.


It is mandatory for the non-verified users to complete the verification process in order to continue the use of Reliance Jio services. One can visit Reliance Jio customer service store or call at 1977 to complete tele-verification.

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