YOUR TAKE- Did Modi’s one year meet your expectations?


Prime Minister Narender Modi today completed his one year tenure. We interacted with various people and tried to get the response of how Jammu sees the one year tenure of Modi’s government.


Deepak Kumar, a tourist from Bihar

Deepak Kumar

Prime Minister Narender Modi is doing a commendable job at the centre, for which he is being will appreciated and applauded everywhere. The youngsters are now looking up to him with a rejuvenated hope that employment will be provided to them. PM is really implementing the schemes very well like Jan Dhan Yojana, insurance schemes for the poor, it definitely is making a change.


Rajendra Singh, a tourist from Bihar

Rajender Singh

I am a resident of Bihar, PM Modi got an overwhelming response all over the country during the Lok Sabha elections in 2014. His government is really doing a commendable job at the centre but more efforts need to be put. There are many issues that are eating up our system from the inside and policies to keep a check on inflation, unemployment are also a need. It is still too early to comment but he has certainly performed efficiently.


Mintoo Sharma

Mintoo Sharma

During the elections, PM Modi made some promises with the people which he need to fulfill-  check on inflation, provision of employment to the youth, education system is in ruins. There are still four more years to go and undoubtedly his promise of ‘Ache Din’ is not just a dream.


Ram Sharma

Ram Sharma

I am a youngster and I voted for Modi because he assured us employment. The central government should put in efforts so that the unemployed educated youth of the country gets better employment opportunities. He is doing a great job by promoting ‘Make In India’ which will provide better job opportunities to the youngsters in the days to come.


Vikas Kumar

Vikas Kumar

We people, this time, voted for a change during the Lok Sabha elections and elected Narender Modi as the Prime Minister. He is really implementing some schemes like Jan dhan yojana, insurance for the poor. The government should show some seriousness to check inflation, unemployment which are the main issues these days.Of course he is meeting our expectations. The only thing is, that the country needs a lot more and one year is just not enough to weigh the changes made. ‘Ache Din’ have begun already and I am sure every Indian Citizen is counting on the Prime Minister. India is earning a good name everywhere, which has never happened before. The change is there, much will be done by him in the coming four years as well.

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