YOUR TAKE: Do Exams pose way too much pressure on students?



Ashwani, 17

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Urtake (1)

There is a lot of pressure from the parents first of all. They suddenly start forcing us to wake up as early as 4 AM, which is actually difficult for us. Then again, parents are worried about their reputation in their family circle and friends. There is always somebody in their social circle, with whom we are made to compete. There is always a force of scoring higher than some distant cousin or some neighbor’s son. The comparison level keeps on increasing and so does our tensions.


Ayushman 17

Urtake (2)Teachers and parents pressurize us in these days so much that it actually makes it difficult for us to study. Throughout the year the teachers won’t teach and will take their subject leisurely and suddenly when the exam days are nearing, the pressure on them increases to finish the syllabus and then it becomes difficult for us to understand and study everything in just a few days. The teachers are alo under pressure to make the class score high in their subject and they wouldn’t care that the othe teachers are also thrusting their syllabus on us.


Deepak, 18

Urtake (3)I think our daily gadgets are the major disturbances in these days. Like, we are so addicted to our excessive usage of phones and laptops that it becomes difficult for us to get rid of these things instantly. Even if we try, we will always be distracted. The choice between books and phone is always a tough one. And then there are friends who would want to hang out any way, they will manage to make you drop your books and go out for a while. And I think as per our interest we will focus on one or more subject, the rest gets ignored and we can’t study all the subjects with equal attention.

Mridul,Urtake (4)

These days there is always immense competition, be it your school class, tuition, family or friends. In the class, we always have three four students who have to score higher than the rest and sometimes there is barely any difference in the marks, even 1 % can make you lag behind in the list. Nobody would share notes or study material because everyone wants to score the maximum. Parents are worried about their own image and reputation in the family and hence they keep on aggravating the pressure on us. They want us to score the maximum in the locality, in the family, else we bring them shame.  Teachers want historic records every time in their subject and they don’t realize that other teachers are making us go through the same. The whole year goes in leisure because no teacher would take pain to teach devotedly in the beginning and then suddenly we are made to study all the syllabus of all the subjects in just a month.

Deepak gupta

Urtake (5)Both the teachers and parents pressurize all the students for scoring better than all the kids in their family. The kids are pressurized from everywhere- family, friends, tuition teachers and school teachers. They are made to study all day, even if they don’t like any particular subject. If we score less, it is a matter of shame for our family.