YOUR TAKE: Has Hockey, despite being India’s national game, lost its charm?


Hockey, national game of India, was on peak during Dhyan Chand’s time but with the passage of time the popularity of this game has faded and Cricket has taken its place. Now a days, with Cricket getting more glamorous with introduction of T20 and IPL, Hockey is losing its charm as youngsters are more inclined towards Cricket. We interacted with the young budding hockey players of the state who are representing our state in the national games of hockey and here is what they had to say about the current scenario of this game


Ramandeep Singh


Ramandeep Singh who is the captain of the junior hockey team of J&K state said that he always desired to play hockey since his childhood days.”Indian Hockey League on the pattern of Indian Premier League provides the platform to the young budding talent to nourish themselves,” he added. He said that that with the introduction of Indian Hockey League, Hockey will once again redeem its losing charm and more youngsters would get involved.


Manik Sharma


Manik Sharma said that Hockey is India’s national game and he has represented the state at the national level also. He said that youngsters played Hockey with a lot of enthusiasm. “No doubt the game has lost its charm with the passage of time but there are still some players who are enthusiastic and devoted to redeem its lost charm.”


Sushmeet Singh Pathania


Sushmeet Singh Pathania while sharing his views said that more events for the promotion of Hockey will be organised to boost talent among the youth.” Cricket has much more glamour than hockey and that is one reason that a game like Hockey has stopped grabbing attention of viewers. Now, many events are being organized by various authorities and I am sure this will be a major boost.”


Tanishpreet Singh


Tanishpreet Singh said that he belonged to a family where his father and brother played national games of Hockey. He said that he played Hockey since his childhood like his family members and he encourages others for the same. “It is our national game and our country is trying to excel in sports. Many things have changed for good and games like hockey are also coming up the stage now.There is no lack of talent in India”


Sohail Azim


Sohail Azim said that he belongs to a far flung area. Hockey provides him a platform, he has represented the state in four national games. “I wish to represent India some day,” he added.


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