YOUR TAKE: How appropriate is government’s decision of releasing Masarat Alam?



Rohit Sharma

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“Government’s decision on Masarat Alam’s release is inappropriate. He is a separatist leader with 27 charges against him. Release such an anti-national element guilty of charges against him sends a fractured method to the society. People have been counting on the new government but these decisions will just promote militancy. This also breaks our faith in democracy.”



Rakesh Kumar

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“The decision was solely against the Common Minimum Program approved mutually by the BJP and PDP. In the coalition, Mufti’s party is just keeping BJP in ignorance. This is also against the alliance policy of both the partners. He is accused of holding riots and anti India protests since 2007. There is no justification to Alam’s release, public is still questioning the intention of the CM Mufti.”



Ravi Sharma


“Mufti Mohammad Sayeed is an experienced leader of the state. He has served J&K as a CM before as well. The other regional parties have always dismantled the state of peace in J&K and Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has always come across as the one who knows how to seek balance in this sensitive state. He is aware of the strategies that are needed for the welfare of the state. People are saying that BJP was kept in neglect but these are just allegations against the leader.”


Uttam Singh


“PDP is completely at fault for releasing Alam despite charges against him. It could be just another tactic of the PDP to favor his party’s favorites or just to create trouble for the BJP. PDP’s supporters are still  anti BJP, especially in the valley. This could be his move to win their hearts back. He is just using BJP as a stepping stone to rise higher in the state.”



Vishwa Jeet


“Mufti should not have taken this decision all on his own. BJP is a part of the coalition too and this is just disrespectful on his part as in his own self-serving motives he has just disregarded the partnership which had started giving new hopes to the people of J&K.  It is against the CMP and is no more just a state affair. It is a matter of national security and integrity. It is a disrespect of the public mandate too. Masarat Alam should be re arrested so that future conflict can be avoided. There should be no support for violence and anti-national elements in the course of governing a state as sensitive as J&K.”


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