YOUR TAKE – Is the government’s decision to Scrap the concept of Summer Secretariat correct?


The latest buzz in the political arena that has come as a shock to the people of Jammu is that there will be no Summer Secretariat this time onwards. As it is Jammu populace is suffering now for a month after the closure of Darbar since there is no one to address public grievance. The new PDP-BJP government has decided that there will not be any establishment of the Summer Secretariat unlike the past practice starting this year. Although there is no official word yet from the coalition on Summer Secretariat, word has spread across all media and political circles that the new PDPBJP Government has in all probability decided to give up this yesteryear practice.

What does this mean? People from Jammu have to now visit Srinagar every single time for Secretariat related work. Since there are no ministers in Jammu at present, there is no authority to address the general public grievances of Bijli, Paani and Sadak.

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U4UVoice decided to take people’s take on this newest source of trouble and here is what they had to say about it.


Sham Lal Sharma, Former Minister

Sham Lal Sharma


In 2006, the then Chief Minister, Ghulam Nabi Azad had introduced the concept of Summer Secretariat and Winter Secretariat. After the introduction of this concept, the Government order for Summer Secretariat establishment would be issued a week ahead of the Darbar move and the summer secretariat used to start functioning on the very first working day after the closure of offices in Jammu. This practice helped address the problems of either capital in times of absence of secretariat.

The new government has for some reason decided to scrap this practice and this is definitely going to be a kick in the shins for the citizens who will specially have to travel to the capital with the functional Secretariat. The coalition government should carefully take into account this factor and analyse before making a formal announcement.


Ram Anand

AnandThe government should not scrap the concept of Summer secretariat. There are a lot of people from the lower strata of the society who need to visit secretariat for redressal of problems. Does the PDP-BJP government really think that every poor man can go to Srinagar everytime there is a small problem? How will the poor pay for the two-way travel expenses? The travel expense itself is going to deter half of the people.



Sunil, Businessman

SunilI personally and strongly oppose this decision made by the PDP-BJP government. It seems as if this coalition did not think the decision of cancelling summer secretariat through. I would suggest that our leaders put more thought into this decision as absence of summer secretariat will hurt common man.