Youth Congress completed tour of Khara area in Bhalessa


Reject NC, PDP, BJP: Mughal to people


Khara, (Bhalessa): President Indian Youth Congress (IYC) Mohammad Latief Mughal today completed a weeklong tour of remote Khara Tehsil of district Doda has said that inclusive development is the priority of the Congress party and development of this remote and backward region of the state has ensured by MLA Inderwal.

He held a meeting at Tanta, Draman, Batogra, Chabba, Goila, Trankhal, Gugara, Nagni, Kencha, Kansoo, Indloo, Bitola, Bathri and Khara area of district Doda.


A team which was appointed by Senior Congress Leader J&K, Mr. G. M. Saroori which includes Asif Iqbal, Ahamer Sehzad, Kabir Ahmed, Shabir Ahmed, Manoj Kumar, Arshad Ahmed, Haq Nawaz, Mehboob Ahmed, Mohd Rafiq and others. Senior Congress leaders from Khara, Sarpanches, Panches, large number of Youth Congress member were also present on the occasion.

He asked Youth Congress members and party workers to make people aware about the achievements of the MLA Inderwal, Ghulam Mohammad Saroori that has brought in a new era of peace and development in the Inderwal Assembly segment. “Over the last twelve years, Saroori in every sector has made major strides and improved the standard of life not only in the Khara belt but in the entire Erstwhile district Doda,” he said, adding that special focus has been given to far-flung areas and weaker sections of the society.

Praising the Saroori for creating new administrative units in the Inderwal, Youth Congress stated that once these become functional, micro-level administration will become much easier. Youth Congress expressed their gratitude to Mr. Saroori for opening new administrative units in these backward areas.

Coming down heavily on NC, PDP and BJP for creating hurdles in the development of the State, Youth Congress said the people will declare their verdict in favour of secular forces and elect Congress candidates in the coming Assembly election. They cautioned against the forces of exploitation, who exploit the people on the name of religion & region for vote bank politics. He urged the people to reject NC, BJP and PDP who always create hatred and division among people for their narrow political interests and vote for secular and progressive parties like Congress in order to safeguard the interests of State.

Mughal said that rural electrification is an important step for the development of villages and said with the efforts of MLA Inderwal, G. M. Saroori electricity will be provided to whole village of Inderwal constituency. All other left out habitations will be covered under phase II of RGGVY.

Besides, he also said that Saroori has prioritized in the region the up gradation of schools and water supply schemes, enhancing ration supply and improvement of road connectivity.

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