Youth Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances in Akhnoor’s Ambara, Family Allege Murder


A youth riding a motorcycle died under suspicious circumstances in Akhnoor’s Ambara area. While his brother was injured. The family members of the slain youth are alleging that he was murdered, while the Akhnoor police are telling the death of the child as a road accident.

On Tuesday night, the family members of the youth reached outside the Akhnoor police station and demonstrated. They were accusing two youths of killing the motorcyclist. The accident happened late last Monday night. Ram Pal Sharma and his brother Vinod Sharma went from Akhnoor’s cement bridge to Steel bridge when their motorcycle met with an accident under suspicious circumstances.

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Both the brothers Rampal and Vinod Sharma, who were riding motorcycles, were admitted to the hospital. Rampal died during treatment. The Akhnoor police registered a case against Rampal’s death as a road accident. At the same time, on Tuesday night, Ram Pal’s family gathered outside Akhnoor police station with his brother Vinod Sharma, who was injured and demanded registration of a case of murder. Vinod Sharma, who was injured in the accident, said that some people fought with him. When he was going on a motorcycle at the time of the accident, he was attacked by two assailants.

His brother Rampal, who was sitting in the back seat of the motorcycle, was seriously injured. The attackers also hit him, causing severe injury to his face. Ram Pal died in this attack. SDPO Akhnoor Varun Jandiyal said that he has spoken to the family of Rampal, who was killed in the accident. The allegations levelled by him will be investigated. If the matter of murder comes to the fore during the investigation, then action will be taken accordingly.