Youth unfurl Indian Flag at a place so Pakistan can see it


Jammu, August 15: Vishal Singh is a college going student who lives in Satraiyan, Ranbir Singh Pura. As is known RS Pura shares its border with Pakistan, so Vishal Singh and his friend (in picture) took upon themselves to do something so that Pakistan would know as well.

Vishal for the last couple of years had been raising the flags on different locations in RS Pura every Independence day but this year, alongwith his friend, Vishal decided to place the flag at a point where Pakistan can also see.

“It had to be some place high and RS Pura already adjoins Pakistan so there was no better place than this mobile tower,” said Vishal.

Vishal, who is a first year B.Com student, is pursuing his degree from Commerce College in Jammu. His friend is studying as well as is on a hunt for an Army Job.

“People of the village are also happy at our action. We feel proud to have done something like this. If I am provided backup, I would go an raise the flag in Kashmir as well. I can do anything for the country. When people from outside Jammu and Kashmir can come all the way to J&K to raise the flag, I am from Jammu and I would be proud to repeat the feat in Kashmir,” said Vishal.


While showing love for one’s nation is any day commendable and should be promoted, climbing a mobile tower is not only illegal, it is highly dangerous and a small mistake could have caused a big, irreparable accident. It is strongly advised not to repeat this activity.

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