Youth will teach NC lesson for its all wrongdoings: Waheed-ur-Rehman



Terming National Conference as the main reason for all ills and problems in Jammu & Kashmir, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) youth wing in charge, Waheed-ur-Rehman Parra Tuesday said NC will have to answer, for its all frauds, U-turns, misconduct and deceit, very soon before the people.

Addressing well-attended youth conventions on the party’s ‘Youth For Change’ initiative in Kupwara and Shopian, Waheed said time of reckoning for NC has come and the people have to rise and seek answers from them for their all wrongdoings they have been resorting to in the state from the last 60 years and this year give people an opportunity to ensure that NC is permanently shown the door from here.

He said be it the political problem or the issues of governance in the state, NC is solely responsible for all the mess here as it has always been the part of problem instead of solution with the result people have been suffering immensely because of it only.
Waheed said NC has traded the identity, self-respect of people for its pity political gains and made huge sell-outs to remain in power be it in 1975, 1987 or 1996 and the people need to understand its real face which is totally anti-people and anti-youth. “Had not NC done huge historical blunders Kashmiris would not have been suffering this time,” he said adding it has been treating people as their slaves and that is why it has been always uncaring to their issues, problems.

By measuring the popular mood prevailing on the ground which is totally against them Waheed said NC leadership is utterly frustrated as they know it well, that people particularly youth will teach them a lesson for their all offences.

The senior party leader Zaffar Iqbal Manhas, state secretary; party leader Fayaz Ahmad Mir; youth leaders Irfan Naqshbandi, Waheed Ahmad, Tahir Sayeed, Aijaz Ahmad, Javaid Ahmad Mir, Azad Ahmad, Gh Mohammad Mir, Mohammad Maqbool Mir and others were also present on the occasion.