Youth’s increased engagement in paid sex, drugs and gambling worrying

Jewel Chowk

Jammu, July 31: To start off with, the youth in the city of temples is being eaten up by paid sex, drugs and gambling. Right in the middle of the city, not far from a police station, women inviting men for the business of flesh can be seen almost daily. The numbers of drug users, for instance, had doubled in the city and so had the number of drug dealers. No day goes without a small report of how young boys were caught while gambling.

With the lack of occupation or vocation prospects, no provision by the government at all to engage the young men and women in useful work, their movement toward these three problems has only magnified.

Starting from Jan 1 to June 30 this year 148 gamblers have been arrested in 33 cases.

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During the same period, 133 people have been arrested in 93 cases related to drug dealing or consumption. The total number of known regular users has risen above 450 which is a worrying number because the last year, the number was 250.

The users belong to all strata of the society starting from the children of the poor to the richest families.

The sales of drugs in the city has shot through the roof. Drugs are sold outside schools, colleges and around prime government office locations. Heroin, Brown Sugar, capsules are the most commonly sold drugs and a single dosage is from Rs 3000-Rs 5000.

Gambling itself is happening on a big level involving big and dangerous players. Again, members of all strata of soceity are involved. The menace is getting so big that people from Punjab specially come to gamble in Jammu while living in hotels.

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If you are headed from Amphalla to Bikram Chowk from under the flyover, you are bound to cross the Nowabad Police station where you can commonly find women aged 30-45 who are openly operating a sex racket in the busiest part of the city. It has been reported from time to time about how these women deal with their customers in signals and they know how to identify their customers.

As reported in the Local Edition of Today’s Amar Ujala