Zanskar residents fear flood due to formation of artificial lake on Phutkal river

zanskarPeople in Zanskar region in Kargil are deeply worried over the formation of an artificial lake on Phutkal river, which was formed after a landslide in the mountianeaous region in the district. Landslide has blocked the flow of the river which lead to the formation of a lake, and it also has blocked the path to the Zanskar valley. The locals are fearing that with summers coming more water will be collected in the lake as snow melts, and this could lead to a flood. They now want the government to take action as soon as possible to ensure that neighbouring villages do not get inundated. The residents fear that if timely action is not taken then a Kashmir like situation could emerge in the Zanskar valley. If the water melts then there could be floods in low lying areas, and reports said that local authorities have sent a missive to the Union Cabinet secretary regarding the formation of lake.

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