क्यों Jammu का Youth Dogri बोलने से कतराता है?


“Dogri language” our mother tongue, our pride is losing its existence in this modern world where people think that Dorgi language is unsophisticated or many people say that “yeh grayeen bhasha hai”. Many people still speak Dogri but it is less popular among youth and teenagers.

There can be many reasons why Dorgi is less popular and why it is not promoted but the main reason which we think is that today’s parents want their child to learn English, Hindi and other languages but not our mother language. They themselves communicate with their children in English and Hindi but not Dogri then how a small child will be able to learn.

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Another reason is the schools. Nowadays private school does not encourage children to speak Dogri. English (and Hindi) take the cake. Even though the govt. made Dogri course a mandate for the curriculum, it never materialized.

With all these barriers how youth will be able to understand what is the importance of our own language. Every state in India speaks its own language and it is promoted in schools too. Local people never feel shame in speaking their mother tongue. Rather than locals speak their language fluently.

Dogri has never been propagated widespread among the people, particularly young children, creating a big wedge between the new generation and the language.

This is the time we should be working on reviving our language “Dogri” otherwise it will be lost and nobody ever will know that this language existed.

There was a proper script of language known as “Kaarki”, which used to be practiced, read and spoken by the Dogras during the pre-Independence era. But the irony is that the script was not propagated among the community, which gradually lost its relevance.

Everybody should encourage their children or friends or partners to communicate in Dogri so that the hesitation which they feel is gone. Even at your workplace, you should speak your mother tongue. These efforts will make a big difference to the society.