10 days since the storm, GMC has not fixed its wrecked property


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Citizen Journalist Report By Tushar Gupta

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Jammu :  On the evening of 5th July, there was a windstorm in the entire city, nature’s fury was in its full swing. As a result, trees came down, poles were uprooted, many houses were damaged, several cars were hit and the GMC was littered, literally. It has been close to ten days since the storm and the condition of the collapsed boards outside the entrance of Jammu’s Government Medical College, meant as a shed for people, hasn’t changed a bit. Not even a bit.


GMC - shed 1
It is known that the GMC Jammu, which is presently the life line for all the patients’ referred from all over the provincial district level hospitals in the State, is not in a very good condition to serve any patient. However, when the patients arrive from different districts and are taken to the emergency wing of the hospital, they literally start cursing themselves for bringing the patient to this ‘air-conditioned’ dumping space of live patients.
The patients here, are put on trolleys and are then lined up with the wall and the attendants have to run for doctor since they cannot be recognized among large gathering of patients and attendants. The doctors are hardly seen wearing any apron or name plate, hence, their identification becomes difficult. The relatives of the patient have to find the doctor personally and request him multiple times to attend their patient. In rare cases, are the senior doctors called and that too they come to the emergency as per their leisure.
On top of this, the poor sanitary conditions in the hospital makes life a living hell for the patients. The patients at the hospital particularly from the weaker sections of society are faced with poor upkeep of wards. The corridors and floors, particularly in the emergency wards, are littered. The toilets in the entire hospital are in shambles, and have not been cleaned for ages, it seems.
The scene is sad yet funny at the same time. The fallen board is in sync much like the state of the Government at present, yet the panel hasn’t failed to provide shelter to the ones who need it against the scorching heat. The board however, is a symbol of the Government’s efficiency right at the entryway of the most popular hospital in the district.