“14 February”! Valentines Day or the day to Pay Homage to Pulwama Martyred


Across the whole world, 14th February is celebrated as Valentine’s Day the day when loved ones express their love for each other, spend time together, present gifts to each other. Everybody thinks of spending quality time with their partners and loved ones to cherish their romance and love.

Unfortunately in India, this day has turned into the black day. Hatred and terrorism were spread on this day. We Indians can’t celebrate 14 February as Valentines Day because the most frightening terror attack occurred on this day.

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“Pulwama Terror Attack” where 40 Indian soldiers lost their life for the country. The Terrorist Group Jaish-E- Mohammed took the responsibility of the attack and targeted the Indian CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) Convoy Carrying Around 2500 Soldiers. They Drove Down A Heavy Loaded Explosive Vehicle Right Into The Army Vehicles And There Exploded Many Lives.

Our martyred soldiers were someone’s valentines not just as a lover but also as a loved family member. Their family members are still in shock and pain and can’t get over that day where they lost the precious member of their life.

Do we still think that 14th February can be celebrated as a Valentines Day after that terror attack incident that has put our mind in deep shock and misery which we can’t get over with. This is the day where we can repay our soldiers by paying homage to our beloved soldiers. Either going out and buying stuff for your loved ones we can organise prayer meeting and honouring function. Such Functions Will Be A Genuine Motivation For The Younger Generation Of Our Country. These Are The Best Systems To Inculcate Patriotism In Young Minds.

We all should respect our soldiers who sacrifice their life for us, leave their family behind to protect the whole nation without any selfishness. Their sacrifice will always be in our mind and soul. By turning 14 February as a day to remember our soldiers will be the proudest moment for India.

So, how will you treat this day? As a Valentines Day or the day to Pay Homage to Pulwama Martyred……