UDGHOSH was a success! Here is a Q & A with VC, University of Jammu, Prof. RD Sharma


University of Jammu recently (15-1-15 to 19-1-15) hosted a five day mega event in shape of the Inter University youth festival- UDGHOSH. The 30th zonal festival began on the 15th, inaugurated by the honorable Governor Vohra. 25 universities, more than 900 particpants, six states- the festival was an extravaganza of different cultures of our country on one platform.

Here is U4U VOICE’S exclusive interview with the Vice Chancellor Prof. R.D. Sharma shared about the event with U4UVoice.

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Prof R D Sharma was born in 1955 in SOHAL, a small Village in Kathua district of J&K. He has multifaceted experience of teaching, research and extension in commerce and management, and administrative experience at different levels. Prof Sharma is one of the Senior most faculty members of Jammu University and Senior Most Professor of Business Education in  Jammu and Kashmir. Prof Sharma joined teaching profession in 1980, became Reader in 1987 and Professor in 1994.


Q. Sir, Jammu University was host to various universities from over six states in Udghosh. Jammu doesn’t get to see such massive display of numerous events and activities on one platform. How do you think these cultural festivals will help the students?

Such cultural festivals groom students in all aspects. We should make the students look beyond books and examinations in their education. Music, fine arts, dance, drama- all these activities help an individual to evolve. Also, students from other states participate and get involved in activities and this culture blend is very helpful in making the students grow. Apart from getting to know different aspects of various cultures, it cultivates unity among different regions. There is no dearth of talent in our state either, students just need a good platform to showcase their expertise.

Q. There were over 900 participants in this event, what has been your criteria for the selection of the participants across 25 universities?

We intend to showcase the best of what we have on this platform. The students who have performed in the festival are experts in their fields. The selection was done on the basis of their previous merit records. Students who are performing on this platform have performed in various national level competitions and festivals. The participants from our own state have also performed in various other such national festivals before. The dance group from SMVDU, has performed in an event in IIT bombay before.

Q. Sir we learned that the University managed this mega event with a very small amount of Rs. 40 Lacs. What were the sources for the funding?

Yes, the amount spent on the fest is close to the figure you have learned about. We could not find any sponsors for this festival for multiple reasons and so we had to make do with a small amount. Luckily, the university is well equipped with the audio-visual hardware as well as software and thus some of the cost was reduced automatically.

From the 40 Lacs 13.33 Lacs came from the Association of Indian Universitites. The rest of the money was raised from the pool of funds built by the Culture fees (currently Rs. 100) that is a part of total fees that the students pay. Using the same culture fees many successful events have been conducted in the past too.

Q. Are the authorities planning such a large scale cultural festival soon in the coming time?

The festival is witnessing a good feedback from the participants as well as the audience. The response that we are recieving is encouraging. The students are as much involved as the faculty. The students from other states have also showcased their expertise ina bundance. The response is positive and we might plan to host another such event soon in time.