15 minutes of rains and massive traffic Jams in Jammu


Jammu and Kashmir News

Monsoon is yet to formally arrive in the state of Jammu and Kashmir but the pre-monsoon showers today morning managed to bring some respite from the scorching heat. The madness follows closely as well exposing the ill-managed drains in the city. The adversities associated with Monsoon in Jammu such as traffic snarls, water-logging and choked drains do not take long to make their appearance felt in daily life and that is precisely what happened after the brief showers today.
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Whether Monsoon stays weak, normal or strong, the problem of water-logging in Jammu is perennial. If there is water logging, traffic jams can’t be far behind. Traffic moves at snail’s pace on a rainy morning here in Jammu.
The rainwater infrastructure, if it exists at all, is not sufficient to guarantee the drainage of the water so that streets in low-lying areas get inundated. Roads are blocked leading to traffic jams, pedestrians have to wade through flooded streets and especially the urban poor, living in slums have their homes often damaged by the water, which takes several days to recede. But water logging happens everywhere, whether in rich or in poor neighborhoods.
The water becomes polluted when it mixes with the garbage and waste that is littered everywhere and apart from disrupting traffic it also becomes a risk to health. In a flooded street they become invisible, clogging almost every drain and cause a serious threat to the pedestrians and the two-wheelers.
The Municipal authorities need to pay more heed as this problem arrives as soon as the rains does. The pleasant weather soon turns into a nightmare for the local population.