28-year-old man arrested for flashing at woman in Delhi Metro


A 8-year-old civil engineer was arrested on Saturday for allegedly flashing his genitals at a woman in a metro train earlier this week.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) on Saturday said that the suspect in Sultanpur case was traced by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Security Cell and people at Automatic Fare Collection(AFC) gates.

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The accused had recharged his Contact less Smart Cards (CSC) online with his mobile phone number which was later traced helping the police track him down.

The Delhi Metro Rail Police (DMRP) has taken the accused into custody from Gurugram, Haryana.

The DMRC took to Twitter and wrote, “We request the public to use the passenger emergency alarm button if they notice any suspicious behavior and inform the train operator immediately. Please also give the coach number that you are travelling in so that the person can be apprehended at the earliest.”

The Delhi Police said, “The accused involved in molestation of a woman in which he flashed his private parts, has been arrested in the case registered at PS Ghitorni. His name is Abhilash Kumar. He is a civil engineer and worked at a private company in Gurugram. Interrogation and investigations are on.”