3 Detained for Protesting Foreign Envoys’ J&K Visit in Srinagar


Three young men were detained in Srinagar on Wednesday, 12 February, after they staged a protest against the visit of foreign envoys to Jammu and Kashmir, police said. They protested against the visit and called it a waste of money, while visuals emerged showing the envoys enjoying a Shikara ride in the Dal Lake.

A second batch of foreign envoys arrived in Srinagar on Wednesday for a two-day visit to Jammu and Kashmir for a first-hand assessment of the situation in the Union territory.

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The envoys are from the European Union, South America and the Gulf countries, officials said.

“The government should stop wasting money on these events. The money saved should be spent on the development of Kashmir,” one of the youths said while being whisked away by the police.

They were taken to the nearby police station, the officials said.