5-minute makeup routine from office to party look


In any makeup look, two things are most important, the base and the eye look. And, any makeup can be transformed from basic to glam by adding a dash of colour on eyes and lips. But, you need to get that base right too, from light or medium coverage base, you need to shift to a full coverage base.

Step-by-step: 5-minute office to party makeup look

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1 Define your brows
Eyebrow pencil or a brow brush, use anything that you usually use to define your brows. If you don’t have it in your purse, use your mascara. To get perfect defined eyebrows with a mascara, take a tissue and wipe excess product of mascara wand onto the tissue paper. And, brush your eyebrow hair in an upward direction.

2 Refresh the base
Now, it’s time for your base. Take a full coverage foundation and a wet beauty blender. If you do not have that, use any foundation and a small makeup sponge or brush. Take a few drops of foundation and slowly build the coverage of your base.

3 Change eye look
For your eye look, apply some glitter on your lids or create a smokey eye look, depending on your dress. Carry one small eyeshadow kit that has the shades that you want to apply. With a blending brush, create an eye look with the eyeshadows. Use darker shades on the outer corners of the eyes and glitters or lighter shades on inner corners.

4 Apply lipstick
Believe it or not, one lipstick can change your entire look, especially if it’s red. Take a lip shade that goes with your outfit and apply it.

5 Spray the setting mist
For the final step, take a makeup setting spray and spritz it all over your face. After that, take a small sponge and dab it on your face lightly.