5 work outs to get rid of those extra kilos gained over Diwali

Picture courtesy: womenhealthmag

By Rishav

Diwali comes with a heavy dose of irresistible sweets and high calorie food which is, no doubt, a treat to your tongue, but it is realized only after the whole festival is over, that those pants which fit beautifully around your waist have shrunk and you can hardly button it up. But it’s okay, a little indulgence and loosening of your diet regime can be forgiven on the occasion when watching what you eat is almost impossible. And not to worry, we list some really easy and basic exercises to lose those extra kilos you have gained over the festival.

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1. Run devil run!

Running or skipping, anything that gets your heart racing is an effective way to weight and over all fat content. The adrenaline rush and natural pain killers released in the body post work out give you a refreshing feeling and energy to go on for the day. Do get good quality running shoes otherwise your knees and heels might pay a price for heavy running.

2. Take a few lunges:

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Lunges are a great work out for calves, thighs and lower abdomen which are the most normal problem areas. They are very easy to do and provide good cardio for healthy functioning of your heart. So, when you are looking for a quick fix to look

3. Squat machine:

Picture courtesy: womenhealthmag
Picture courtesy: womenhealthmag

Squats are a great way to work on those fatty thighs and bottom and have them look leaner and meaner for a run out in shorts or have that ramp look. They are also great as a cardio and keep the heart healthy.

4. Push ups:

Push ups have been great and have stayed the most traditional routine to work on chest, biceps, triceps and back. You don’t need anything extra and there are a vide number of variations you can try to work on different set of muscles each time. Push ups are hard at start but gradually you gain momentum and have some quick results.

5. Plank it all up:

Plank is a great way to end your work out as it burn the fat all over your body and gives you strength by working on all of your core muscles. Start from holding the position for at least 15 seconds in the start and then gradually increase your timing.