61,971 kanals of Govt land encroached in 7 tehsils of Jammu District


A total of 61, 971 kanals of Government land has been encroached by 5915 people, majority of them farmers, in seven tehsils of Jammu District and the land has been recorded in the revenue records.

These seven tehsils include Pargwal, Marh, Nagrota, Maira Mandrian, Jammu South, Jammu West and Jammu North.

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The Divisional Commissioner Jammu has made the lists public while claiming that 34,772 kanals of land has been encroached in Pargwal and Marh – two tehsils of Jammu District by 3149 people.

Most of the encroachers have been defined as farmers, ex-servicemen and others and the encroached land is being used for agriculture purpose though in some places the land is being used differently like residential purpose.

In Pargwal Tehsil, the revenue details claim 1704 people have encroached 19088 kanals and 3 marla of government land and it has been recorded on the revenue records. The land did not come under Roshni.

Similarly, in Marh tehsil of Jammu district, the revenue list claimed that 15772 kanals and 17 marla of land has been encroached by 1445 people. This land has also been recorded in revenue records.

Recently, the Divisional Commissioner Office had uploaded details about several other tehsils claiming that 27, 199 kanals of land has been encroached by 2766 people.

In Nagrota, the figures claimed that 1160 people encroached 17019 kanals of Govt land, 383 people encroached 3870 kanals of land at Maira Mandrian, 854 people encroached 2961 kanals and 5888 marla land in Jammu South, 88 people have encroached 514 kanals of land in Jammu West, and 664 people encroached 2835 kanals of land in Jammu North.

The revenue department has also disclosed that 26 kanals of land has been encroached in Channi Rama and Jammu by government employees and a property dealer.

As per the details, a DySP rank police officer has encroached 1 kanal of land at Channi Rama, a businessman has encroached 5 kanals of land, constructed a house, and established a construction company and a property dealer has encroached 20 kanals of land in Jammu.

According to the details, an ex-minister has encroached 15 kanals in Marh tehsil. Besides son of ex-MP has encroached 65 kanals of land in Marh (Lalyal). A relative of an ex-minister has encroached 56 kanals and 16 marlas of land in Marh (Lalyal).