By Amaya

Ever wondered what is more to this King from the widely famous Abdullah Dynasty? Yes we all know about the historical legacy and heritage of this family and specifically Omar Abdullah,but here are a few lesser known facts that will make you familiar with the other side of our CM.

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1.A hidden actor inside

So we know all what he is to jammu-an offspring of the most influential and potential dynasty of the state-who is impressive enough to win a million hearts-but here is something that you might not be aware of- Mr. Abdullah posseses the talent of acting behind that political avatar-he has inacted a role in Apporva Lakhia’s film, ‘Mission Istanbul’ in 2008. Beside being the youngest one to dive into politics he is the first ever of any politician to enter Bollywood too. He has played himself and has given an interview reflecting on the dangers of terrorism,particularly in reference to Kashmir.

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2. Favourite food

The scion of the first political family of our state,is one of us who would drool over the name of spicy street food. Not long back ago he tweeted about his love for gol gappas.
He doesn’t like to limit his favourites-list to mutton and kababs,he is fond of vegetarian food as well and his love for typical south indian food is also evitable.

OmarAbdullah (1)

3.What he reads?

Omar Abdullah is an avid reader and has even encouraged the trend of book fairs in the state. He wants the youth to develop a habit of reading instead of being merely an internet-addict. He enjoys reading and the latest one that left a mark on his mind was ‘Shantaram’ by Gregory David Roberts.


4. Music

Well he is music lover and loves to indulge in the age old golden era of classics sung by Mohammad Rafi and Kishore Kumar. “Don’t forget I’m a child of the 1960s, I can relate to all the music of that era,” he told. He is lover of ABBA-a classic swedish pop group.


5.Sports that he loves

A traveller,a reader, a music lover-Omar Abdullah is a keen sportsman as well,his favourite ones being skiing,swimming,tennis,biking and squash. He has been a keen footballer during his school days in Sanawar. Being born to his English mother Mollie Abdullah he finds connection cheering for the English Football Team.


6.His favourite holiday spots

Well we all are aware of his travel mania and his top favourites are Gulmarg,Maldives and London. He has made his Gulmarg-love too obvious with his reckless state chopper trips nearly 40 times and more than 28 out of that were to Gulmarg of course. He loves to travel and explore.

omar farooq

8.Life History

Born in 1970 to Mollie Abdullah and Farooq Abdullah in Essex he has spent his schooling years in the Burn Hall School, Srinagar and thereafter in Sanawar at the Lawrence School. He further completed his B.Com. after joining University of Strathclyde in Scotland and afterwards he pursued MBA. He married Payal Nath,a hindu lady and has two kids with her-Zamir and Zahir. The couple though is no longer together.


9.Style quotient

Omar Abdullah is pretty famous for his look beyond which is beyond the typical trend of Kurta Pyjama unlike other politicians of our country. His sharply tailored suits totally depict his sense of style, making him an iconic political figure in Fashion world. He is a regular client of Sudhir Diwan of Diwan Saheb-a brand picturing abundant class and heritage, which shows in his style predominatly. He undoubtedly styles his fashion canvas remarkably and powerfully! He is rated as the third most popular among youth in terms of fashion, Guess that says it all about his classic style which surpasses the typical bleak image of a Politician clad in a traditional pair of khaki.


Omar Abdullah- an energetic and articulate scion of the most distinguished family of J&K is apparently a widely loved youth icon. He is admired for his moderate views and his down-to-earth rationale. He is sensitive about the Kashmir issue and once said how he would hope to see the only books about Kashmir as the coffee table books,full of beutiful pictures as was once the case instead of the tainted Kashmir we see in books now.