A KAS aspirant doctor faces the harsh reality of PSC’s ‘No-Work’ attitude


By A Citizen Journalist who wishes to not be named

I am PM, a Doctor by profession and a Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Services aspirant who visited the public service commission office only to find out about the schedule of exam that has been delayed from the original date of the test but  to my surprise the office was all empty with the building standing there just to befool the thousands of aspirants with two securitymen.

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Two guards and two peons who do not even know the way to answer a question. These people just they kept on saying we do not know. I inquired if any officer were present at the premises and finally managed to find out on my own the name of one under secretary K.P. who too was not present to help students enquiring. Whether she was on leave or was simply not performing her duty was not clear since the guards did not know that either.

I want your help to bring this matter to public so that the much coveted competitive exam may be held in time as it may help many students who are suffering, and further through your medium I want to say that PSC officials need to feel that they are duty bound to serve the aspirants. It is their job!

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