A little rain and a wall of Ranbir School came down crashing


Jammu and Kashmir News

Citizen Journalist Report By Arjun Gupta
Jammu, June 23: Imagine sitting in a school when it is raining. You are quietly stealing glances at the lovely weather outside a class or staff room and are secretly thinking of a cup of tea with hot pakode. And then, all of a sudden, a wall of the same school comes crashing down.
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Something similar happened at Ranbir Higher Secondary school where one of the oldest walls in the city of Jammu came crashing down. Except, the summer vacations are going on.
For the past two days, the oldest wall of the state has been a sight of tatters and there’s no one who has cared to get it fixed. An official from the school requesting anonymity said that the lack of attention can be owed to the ongoing Summer Vacations.
The school that stands and shares the same road as the Civil Secretariat and is hardly 200 meters away from the highest seat of Government in state, is abandoned.
Govt. Sri Ranbir Higher Secondary School, the pioneer institution in the state, was started by the Dogra Ruler Maharaja Ranbir Singh in the late 19th century to promote higher education in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The school was constructed by Raja Partap Singh.
At that time, the school had the privilege to be the first school of its kind in the state. At the very outset, it was named as Jammu Collegiate School. Later, it was named after its founder as the Maharaja Ranbir School. That is why it is called SRML Higher Secondary School (Sri Ranbir Multilateral Higher Secondary School).

Today the school faces infrastructure problems, with the present framework not sufficient to support a quality learning environment. The main building is in a shambles. The class rooms are usually jam-packed and don’t have proper lighting and ventilation arrangements.

A place that is the embodiment of education and serves thousands of students in the state yearns some backing up. It is time that the ‘selectively’ ignorant Government wakes up and takes care of this business.