Allahabad HC Moved to Protect Innocent Public from Chinese Sites


Allahabad HC Moved to Protect Innocent Public from Chinese Sites

The largely uncharted yet realm of online gambling by the legislator leaves room for
allegedly ill-faith operators to exploit gullible Indians and take advantage of their wallets.
Attention to details and some basic knowledge on what to be looking for can be enough
to provide safe online betting experience.

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Governments to File Statements

“Chinese citizens are owning such gambling websites. These websites are usually controlled by Chinese servers and are a planned scheme of fraud,” according to a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) petition recently filed at the Uttar Pradesh High Court in Allahabad.

The petitioner, social worker Shimla Shri Tripathi, is seeking a ban on online gambling claiming that more than 500 such fraudulent gambling websites operate in India and manipulate game results in ill-faith with the aim to dupe players out of their money. A typical game offered by these sites, according to the petitioner, requires players to predict the colour that will come out within a window that opens every 3 minutes and freezes half a minute before the colour result is declared. Users can play after placing a certain bet, hoping to win a larger sum than the wager.

The social worker’s petition describes the usual method of work of the allegedly fraudulent websites. Initially, the operator lets players win quite easily, then, when betters get bolder, both in the number of users and in the amounts placed as bets, the owner of the site manipulates the platform algorithms. The majority of the players start losing in the game and thus the website owners obtain illegal financial gains.

According to the petitioner’s counsel, advocate Shashank Shri Tripathi, when players win, a large portion of their earnings is deducted by the site on the pretext of ‘gambling tax’ that needs to be paid to the government.

After hearing the PIL case in August, a division bench of the high court comprising of Acting Chief Justice Munishwar Nath Bhandari and Justice Rajendra Kumar has wdirected both the central government and the Uttar Pradesh government to submit

affidavits with their positions on the matter. The bench has also sent notifications to the
officially listed executives of such websites.

How to Distinguish the Trustworthy Online Gambling Sites?

Fans of online roulette games, blackjack online, poker and other casino entertainment activities should always check the license information of the website they intend to play on. A license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or Curacao guarantees that the online casino conforms
to strict requirements concerning the fairness of the algorithms and the security of personal and financial data and payments, as well as the implementation of proper responsible gaming monitoring systems.

All sport teams, tournaments and championships, as well as individual celebrities, are always careful about their reputation. Only serious and responsible online gambling sites can hope to be allowed to sponsor a team or a competition or to rope in a popular star as their brand ambassador.

Other signs that unmistakably distinguish legitimate and reputable online casinos include readily available 24/7 customer support and strict account verification procedures. Such sites have responsible gambling mechanisms in place and offer users easy options to unsubscribe from promotional communications.

What Are the Signs of a Fake Online Casino

A progressive nation-wide legislation on online gambling featuring a proper licensing regime would have only thoroughly checked and trustworthy online casino platforms operate in Bharat and the blacklist gambling websites will be rooted out.

Currently, owners can register and run casino websites from locations that have poor regulations on online gambling. Such sites will often skip stating information about where they have obtained their license and will also often try to conceal who is standing behind them in their ‘About us” sections.

Other signs that can help users spot the bad online casinos include unavailable or not properly working customer support, lack of external reviews and ratings, and an outdated-looking design with low resolution and very long loading times.