An Ancient Engineering Marvel in Udhampur!


A temple complex is situated in a village Krimchi on Udhampur Pancheri road at a distance of 12 km from Udhampur city.

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According to one legend, Kichak, a contemporary of Pandavs, is said to have laid the foundation of Krimchi, perhaps, a town at those times. The place was named after his name as Krimchi. A fort was constructed by him on Garh top and also a palace within the boundary walls of the fort. Pandavs were wandering at various places in disguise during the last year of their exile. They camped at Krimchi for a considerable time. Kichak gave an amorous look at Draupadi wife of Pandavas and gesticulated with malice intentions. On this Bhim became very furious and killed Kichak. And as such Krimchi became kingless forever.

At present, the walls of the fort have disintegrated. The structure of the entrance door with alluring carvings on stone slabs has almost collapsed due to lack of proper maintenance. The locals have also found carved stone idols from time to time while ploughing the nearby land area.

In the temple complex, there are three big and two small temples existing on the base of two temples. There has been repairing of the temples with great care with small changes in the exterior of the repaired parts. The temples are now strengthened to prevent further disintegration. The ground has also been levelled for growing seasonal flowers and maintenance of the lawns have added to the beauty of the land around the ancient monuments. The guest room has also been constructed near the temples complex. If promoted, this place can turn out to be a great spot for tourist attraction.