An Indian Citizen’s Letter To Nirav Modi


India now has become the land of scams and frauds. The list goes long but here are the few of the very famous  scams/scandals or the names of the people involved (of the recent past):

  1. PNB Bank Scam – Nirav Modi (2011-2018)
  2. Saradha Group Financial Scandal (2013)
  3. Abhishek Verma Arms deals scandal (2012)
  4. Common Wealth Games scam (2010)
  5. Indian Coal Allocation Scam (2012)
  6. 2G scam (2008)
  7. Navy War Room Leak Scandal (2006)
  8. Uttar Pradesh Food Grain Scam (2003)
  9. AgustaWestland Chopper Scam (2017)
  10. Vayapam Scam (2014)
  11. Famous Fodder scam involving Lalu Yadav
  12. The Lalit Modi (IPL fame)
  13. Vijay Mallya
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The recent PNB Bank Scam of over  1200 crores involving Nirav Modi might have shaken every Indian Citizen.  Here is an emotional letter , written by a common Indian citizen, this letter is addressed to Nirav Modi. Each one of us would agree with every word of his written in this letter.