Army rescues man from house on fire

A view of the devastating fire that erupted in the Chattabal area.


An Army officer along with soldiers of the Rashtriya Rifles Battalion, Doda, rescued a man from a house engulfed in flames in Badi village of Doda district last night.

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The incident took place yesterday around 9 pm in Badi village, nearly 700 metres from an Army unit, when the house of Ram Prasad (32) was engulfed in flames. The man was screaming for help.

Reports said Lt Col Kelash Jha and some soldiers of the Rashtriya Rifles arrived immediately on the spot and started a rescue operation.

They managed to pull the injured man to safety and took him to a nearby Army unit for first aid.

Lt Colonel Jha said, “I took him to district hospital for treatment, but doctors referred the patient to Government Medical College and Hospital, Jammu, for improved treatment after observing his critical condition.”

“We managed a vehicle for him and took him to Jammu for improved treatment. Now, he is under treatment in the intensive care unit of Government Medical College and Hospital, Jammu,” he said.

“Our soldiers have done tremendous work. We are feeling happy that we managed to save a precious life,” the Army officer said.