Authorities must take evasive action to prevent dengue epidemic in Jammu

Image Courtesy- Online Media Sources

The dengue epidemic has spread across north India, and particularly Delhi-NCR are worst sufferers because of the spread of the vector borne disease. Although Jammu and Kashmir has been relatively safe from this epidemic but latest reports tell that there has been a significant increase in the number of dengue patients in Jammu, and if immediate measures are not taken than it could spread significantly faster.

The easiest way to check dengue is to ensure that there is cleanliness in the city, and water is not allowed to stagnate in public places as well as private homes. There have been instances where even the houses of rich and famous in Delhi have been found to have dengue larvae developing in secluded spots. In the last couple of days, more than six persons have tested positive and the number of those who infected now stand at more than 3 dozen. It is to be noted that these are official numbers and in a number of cases people admitted to private hospitals do not report the ailment to authorities.

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Health officials privately admit that spread of dengue virus is increasingly spreading in Jammu, and the authorities will have to take strong, and immediate measures to curb mosquitoes in the city. Anti-fogging measures need to be taken up on priority, and municipal authorities must go and check private houses particularly in low lying areas to ensure that water is not found stagnating. Large scale media campaign will also have to be launched to make people aware about the danger of dengue, and how they can prevent it from happening. Wearing full sleeved clothes , and using anti-mosquito creams, and repellents are key to preventing dengue from happening. Also the government must gear up health services, and facilities in various hospitals in Jammu to meet the dengue challenge in case the epidemic spread. This infection is not fatal the only thing is it has to be managed properly by civic agencies, and health authorities.