Awareness programme under GOKUL mission organized in Poonch


Animal Husbandry Department organised National Wide Artificial Insemination Programme under National GOKUL mission of GOI here at District Vetenary Hospital Poonch.

DDC Poonch Rahul Yadav, Chief Animal Husbandry Officer, concerned officers and large number of cattle rearers and farmers from across the district were present on the occasion.

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During the awareness program the farmers were given detailed knowledge regarding the Artificial insemination techniques. They were told about the cryocans which can be used for insemination for far flung and inaccessible areas of the hilly district where farmers cannot bring their cattle to vetenary centers.

During the program, DDC Poonch dispatched cryocans towards different inaccessible areas of the district like Hari Marhote and others areas.

While speaking on the occasion DDC Information that 100 villages will be covered during the first phase of the program in which 100% artificial insemination will be done free of cost. DCC further appealed to the farmers and cattle herders to come forward and take benefits of different schemes of government for Animal and sheep husbandry.

Information on Livestock insurance schemes were also provided to the farmers along with knowledge on Information Network for Animal Productivity and Health (INAPH) scheme. Under INAPH scheme all milk giving animals shall be given unique identification IDs which will be further uploaded to the online database.

Live exhibition of different birds including Turkey, Quails, Kadaknath, guinea fowl, Chabro chicken were organized to educate the farmers for rearing of country type of birds to improve the income of farmers.