Ayodhya Bhoomi Pujan: PM Modi to place 22.6 kg silver brick at the foundation site of Ram Mandir


On August 5, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will reportedly place a silver brick at the foundation site of the majestic Ram Mandir during the Bhoomi Pujan ceremony in Ayodhya. As per reports, the silver brick weighs 22.6 kg and costs around ₹15,59,000.

Besides, the name of the PM Modi, date and time to be placed and the Holy chant of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ is written on the brick. As per the inscription, the brick will be placed at the site at 12:15:15 pm. The brick is inked with markings of Holy Swastika, and Hindu ceremonial adornments of Haldi, kumkum and kumkum infused threads.

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As per some reports, many devotees, including dwellers and local businessmen have contributed silver for the making of the massive brick.