Bhardwaj expresses shock over neglect of Bishnah demands special status for the area


Senior advocate and prominent social figure of Jammu Mr Mohinder Bhardwaj has expressed shock that despite Bishnah’s proximity to Jammu, the winter capital of the state, the entire area remains totally neglected. The dilapidated condition of roads and poor civic amenities prevailing in this small town part of Bishnah Assembly constituency speaks volumes about total neglect of this region over the years.

He has reiterated his demand that the entire Bishnah region should be accorded special status to ensure overall development of the area. The area is a unique mix of rural and urban cultures and it will befit its status to develop Bishnah as a supporting township to ease pressure on Jammu while maintaining its agricultural character.
It is ironic that despite this the government has not paid any attention to desilt the irrigation network over the years. As a result the farmers have been facing hardships and their produce has dwindled for want of proper irrigation facilities.
Addressing a well-attended meeting of prominent citizens of the area here late on Sunday evening, Mr Bhardwaj said that it is a matter of senior concern that roads leading to Majua, Khojipur, Maghal, Pana Chak and other adjoining villages are in a pathetic condition which will further worsen during the onset rainy season thereby adding to the woes of the people.
Mr Bhardwaj further said that the schools buildings, panchyat ghars, community centres and health and veterinary centres are lying in a condition of utter neglect with bare minimum facilities. Referring to poor civic amentities he said that the drainage system in the villages is damaged as result in the absence of a proper outlet the waste water accumulates on the roads and streets causing grave inconvenience and unhygienic environment for the public.
He further added that the source of livelihood of the people of the area is agriculture and for reaping proper crops, the main source of water is tributary of Ranbir Canal and Ravi Tawi Irrigation Canal. The Main Canal and its tributaries are full of silt, Bushes and weeds. The flow of water is affected due to non maintenance and silting of the canals and tributaries. Because of silting the flow of water has reduced to less than 1200 cusecs against the natural flow of 2000 cusecs. The canal and its tributaries look like a stagnant water body and there is no appearance of these canals and tributaries catering water to the field.
Mr. Bhardwaj demanded immediate cleaning and removal of silt from canals and their tributaries so that the agriculturists could be saved from the damage and loss to their crops. They further added that this time of the year is the peak season of plantation of seedlings of rabbi crop and the full 2000 cusecs of water is the immediate requirement of whole of the Bishnah and Arnia Tehsils.

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Supporting the demands raised by Mr. Bhardwaj, prominent Congress leader of the area Mr. Ashok Dubey called upon the state authorities particularly the officers of the Power Development Department to provide uninterrupted power supply to the agriculturist and residents of the area. The damaged transformers should be immediate replaced by working transformers so that people do not suffer in the scorching heat

Addressing the gathering Mr Dubey expressed serious concern on growing unemployment in the area. Despite availability of educated and physically fit candidates, no recruitment drive for the employment of youth of Bishnah constituency has been conducted. Both the leaders demanded that a special recruitment drive should be held in Bishnah Constituency to provide employment to the youth.

The gathering was also addressed by Sh. Rajesh Sharma, Sh. Bishan Das Sharma, Sh. Thoru Ram Lamberdar, S. Sewa Singh, Mr. Abhinav. Among the gathering also present were Rakesh Sharma, Mohinder Sharma, Manish Kumar, Baisakhi Ram, Vinod, Bittu Sharma.